Beating the Summer Heat with Split System Air Conditioner Canberra

Summertime in Canberra can hit the mark of 40 degrees. When this happens, everyone yearns to have a cool house to come home to. Beating the summer heat with the split system air conditioner Canberra provides the perfect answer.

Central air conditioning used to be the best way to cool an entire home. However, it is an expensive option. Window ACs may be a cheaper choice but they are bulky and noisy.

The split type air conditioner is another option to look at. The unit is affordable, quiet, and guaranteed to provide the coolness you seek this summertime.


A Simple explanation for the Split air conditioner system


An indoor unit and an outdoor unit is a simple explanation for the split air conditioner system. The room you choose to cool will have an outdoor unit installed near or on the exterior wall. The capillary tubing or expansion coil, compressor, and condenser coil are housed in the outdoor unit. An air filter, cooling coil, and the long blower are the components for the indoor unit.


The difference of the split air conditioner from other AC models


Not having to require ductwork in installing the split air conditioner is the main difference it has over other AC units. This means a simpler installation that is both friendly to the environment and your wallet. Connecting the outdoor and indoor units is through a set of tubing and electrical wires.

Most traditional AC units generally require ductwork. This results in an increase in energy consumption. The heat exchange happening in the duct system as seen in centralised air conditioning units tend to lose a lot of energy.

Not so with the split air conditioners. Loss of energy or heat is prevented in the absence of a ductwork system.

Advantages gained from the split air conditioner


The split air conditioner offers a lot of benefits over conventional AC units, to include:

Quiet performance

The quiet performance given by the split air conditioner is its most obvious advantage. The noise you hear from conventional AC units is with the fan that needs to cool the condenser and the compressor.

The outside location of the fan and compressor of the split air conditioner enables the unit to give the quietest performance while cooling you as well.

Multi-split system option

The single outdoor unit of the split air conditioner is capable of handling more than one indoor unit. This means that multiple rooms in the home can be cooled and kept cool by using two indoor split air conditioner units.

Cost-effective and efficient

Cooling your home using the split air conditioner is more cost-effective and efficient over traditional ACs. By no means does this signify that the price of the split air conditioner is cheaper than conventional AC units for it isn’t. Another added expense is the professional installation fee. However, the financial setback should be seen as a good investment.

The split air conditioner will prove its worth in energy bill savings and its sturdiness. Add to that is the efficient cooling of the entire home not only this summer but for a lot more summers to come.


Are you thinking that a split air conditioner offers the perfect cooling solution for your home? Or are you looking for a professional installer that can cool your home in no time? Canberra based air conditioning companies can help you with your air conditioning needs.

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