How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Walls According to House Painters Melbourne

For interior walls flat, egg shell and satin paints work best. On the other hand glossy paints work well for wooden trimming. If there is a certain look which you would like, the detail provided below would help you make the right choice.

All about flat paint

Flat paint sheen is one of the most popular option for interior wall. It has a velvety and matte finish. If the wall has any imperfections, it can those without any problem. For example if the wall is cracked in certain places, the velvety finish almost makes the crack invisible to the naked eye.

One drawback of flat paint is that it’s not very durable. If you are looking for a paint option which lasts for a long time, flat paint isn’t the ideal choice. This is because it doesn’t respond well to scrubbing and cleaning and comes off pretty easy. However, it does respond well to gentle cleaning. If you think you can keep up with it maintenance it is the best choice because of its aesthetically appealing.

Paints with satin finish

Satin paints contain some amount of sheen. Also these are hardier when compared to flat paint and is an ideal choice or painting the kitchen and bath room walls which require regular and vigorous cleaning. One drawback though is that the sheen doesn’t cover the cracks and the imperfections in the walls. In fact it may even high light those imperfections. So make sure you make a smart decision.

Egg shell paint

Egg shell paint is subtle and a good choice if you are looking for a paint which is somewhere between the above mentioned kinds of paints. While it’s not that glossy it also doesn’t highlight the imperfections in the wall. Plus it stands well to scrubbing and cleaning. It works well for bedrooms and hallways.

Paints for trim and woodwork

Paints which contain gloss re the most durable. The more gloss a paint contains, the more durable it tends to be. However, it should be kept in mind that while glossy paint ha durability but it won’t hide the imperfections that well because gloss emphasizes the imperfections. If you aren’t into shiny glossy finishing you can work around with a semi-gloss paint as well.

Semi-gloss paints can be used easily on wood work and trimming. The wood work starts to look lustrous as soon as a semi-gloss finish it applied to it. It also helps create a clay looking contrast with the walls which can add to the visual appeal of the interior of your home.

So make sure that you only buy high quality paint. If you plan on repainting your house, make sure you go to experienced house painters in Melbourne. Someone who has the necessary experience in handling the interiors of homes. Each home is unique therefore it requires a customized paint job. Professional house painters in Melbourne can help provide you with the right idea.

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