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Small but terrible would be the perfect description for termites. They may be small but they more than make up for it in numbers.

Did you know that within the period of only three months, termites can completely eat your home’s roofing and framework timbers? That’s how deadly they are. They can literally eat you out of your home!

Most property owners never know they have a serious termite problem until it’s too late. Arranging for a pest inspection Gold Coast today will prevent this from happening.

High termite risk in Gold Coast

The richness of the soil and the warm climate of the Gold Coast make it the ideal place for termites. They live in the ground and their passageway through homes is by expansion joints and small cracks.

It’s time to rethink if you feel safe because your home is made of brick or newly built. The various termite species love living in the warm climate of the Gold Coast.

All types of homes are susceptible to termites, including brick homes. The combination of moisture and timber are simply irresistible to termites. Other materials such as mortar, plastic, rubber or metal can still be damaged by termites even if they can’t digest them. This makes it imperative to have an early detection from a reliable pest inspector from the Gold Coast area.

Pre-purchase pest inspection

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investment decisions you make in your life. Closing the deal on a termite-riddled home can cost you hundreds of thousands in repairs alone.

A pre-purchase termite inspection from a qualified professional is the smartest way to do before a firm commitment. The earlier you have this done, the better way for you to decide whether the property is worth the investment.

The state-of-the-art technology for a termite inspection

The top termite inspection services use the latest technology to detect the presence of termites in a property.

Thermal imaging

One of the standard tools used by professional inspectors is thermal imaging. The latest thermal imaging equipment gives off a heat signature in areas where termites happen to be.

Moisture meters

A high-tech and extremely valuable device to use for detecting termites in a property are by using moisture meters. Dampness and leaks in the ceilings, walls, and floors are quickly detected and located. Termites need water just like every living being. Water is their ally in breaking down the home’s timbers. The presence of moisture in the timbers of the home makes it edible and soft for the termites.

The job of the moisture meters is to detect the areas in the home where there is moisture. The presence of moisture in a home provides the perfect home for termites to thrive.

Areas in the property covered by a pest inspection

Property needs a thorough pest inspection as a way to detect high-risk areas before they become a big problem. Areas in the property that are usually covered by pest inspection include:

  • All roof voids
  • Decks and other subfloor areas
  • Outside and inside of the home
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden beds
  • Trees
  • Fences
  • Stumps
  • Outbuildings
  • Exposed timbers

Termite damage to a home is worse than being flooded. It has been found that termites cause more damage compared to storms, floods, and fire. Need help or not sure whether your home needs a pest inspection service? We’re happy to give you a free quote for our effective pest inspections on Gold Coast.

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