Floor Sanding and Polishing Brisbane: Tips for sanding and polishing concrete floors

Old timber floors can look glossy and beautiful with the right floor sanding and polishing in Brisbane. It helps give the floor a classy and finished look and adds to the aesthetics of a room. Any place which appears dull can get an instant face lift using the right flooring and polishing techniques.

Looking for floor sanding and polishing companies based in Brisbane is often the right thing to do. While most people might consider it a project they can handle on their own, but nothing beats a professionally polished and sanded floor.


Preparing the room

Preparing the room before a polishing and sanding project is necessary. It’s one of the most crucial steps. It would help the contractor work faster without any difficulties. When preparing the room, make sure of the following:

  • It’s necessary to move all of the furniture out of the way. This would ensure that there is no hindrance to the flooring and sanding equipment. Plus it helps save time as well. if possible hire help to lift the heavier pieces and make sure that the room is completely empty.
  • Make sure that any carpet or rugs are moved before the sanding. Sometimes carpets are attached to the floor with the help of adhesives and removing the carpet may not be that simple. Make sure to have it removed professionally to cause little damage to the carpet as well as the flooring.
  • If the flooring has any loose boards, make sure to nail those down. If any of the nails are above the floor these can hinder the sanding machines and cause the equipment to malfunction. When you hire professionals you would be relieved of preparing the floor on your own. This is also one of the reasons why people hire professional sanding and polishing services in Brisbane.
  • Make sure to cover the door knobs and cable outlets with paper. Sanding is a process which results in a lot of dust settling over the house. When the items are properly covered it can reduce the amount of time one would have to spend getting rid of the accumulated dust.
  • Make sure that the floors are clean enough to be polished and sanded. Make sure to vacuum the floor to get rid of the dirt and debris covering it.

Sanding and polishing

The first step in the process is sanding the floor. There are several kind of sanding options available. For deep sanding projects professionals use drum sanders while orbit sanders work for medium sanding. Once the whole process is complete, the floors are polished according to the finish which is desired by the home owner. There are options of choosing polishing which is water based or oil based. Each of these have their own set of advantages. Make sure you talk to a professional floor sanding and polishing expert in Brisbane.

Keep all the above mentioned things in mind to get the desired result for your flooring.

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