Why Air Conditioning in your North Lakes home is good for you

In North Lakes, the only thing that natives agree on is to have an air conditioner in the home to make summers tolerable.

The unbearable heat and humidity that poses a threat to health and tempers make it imperative to have air conditioning North Lakes during the hottest days.

The relative humidity caused by extreme heat worsens the problem. The interaction between water, pressure, and heat are the factors producing unbearable heat and humidity during the summer season.

Why Air Conditioning is good for you

Air conditioning systems are seen as mitigating solutions to combat heat and humidity during hot days. Here are more ways to make you see the positive impact of air conditioners in everyday life:

 Damage caused to belongings and home

A faulty air conditioning unit was seen as the culprit for damaging one of the priceless works of art of the painter Raphael. Yet, it wasn’t the unit itself that created the damage. It was the hundreds of humid and warm bodies crowding the painting.

This story offers the best example of how objects can be damaged by humidity and heat. This means that materials in your home are heat-sensitive including the cabinets in your kitchen. Belongings and furniture are likely to become damaged when heat and humidity issues are ignored in the home.

Installing a good AC unit is the best way to protect belongings and furniture from becoming damaged.

Increased toxicity caused by humidity

Humidity is increased in the home without an air conditioner system. When this happens, the chemical used for cleaning lamps, couches, stovetops, and pieces of furniture will start to liquefy. Liquefied chemicals mean the risk of inhaling them into your system. Not only that. The presence of humidity also attracts moulds. Mould spores have been seen to multiply pretty quickly in humid rooms. This makes you see the close relationship between heat and humidity. The hotter a home gets, the more humid it becomes as well.

Having an air conditioner system minimises the risk of heat and humidity.

Becoming sick

The immune system is compromised by high humidity levels during the hottest season. During winter, health is also compromised by low humidity levels.

The increased levels of pests and dirt in the air result in numerous allergy cases during the summer season. Yet, most allergy reactions are found to be caused by mould spores in the air.

Doctors usually recommend an air conditioner to patients as the best way to minimise respiratory issues in the home.

Feeling unhappy

Some scientific findings directly correlate mood with humidity levels. Low mood caused by high humidity levels has been shown in a 1975 scientific study.

The study found that people become unhappy as the levels of humidity in the home rise up. A perfect example is riding on a hot bus. The high level of heat and humidity inside the bus is enough to make every passenger feel miserable and unhappy.

The smartest way to beat heat and humidity in one stroke is installing a good air conditioner system in the home.

High or low humidity is bad for everyone’s health. The extreme heat and humidity during the summer season become bearable and healthier with the help of a good air conditioning system. Act Fast Air Conditioning are electricians in Northlakes who can install an air conditioning system for you.


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